At one point or another, we all must determine whether or not a particular path is in line with our God-given purpose. Once you discover your purpose, it is only right to work overtime to fulfill it. When you find your purpose, it's an amazing feeling! You don't just feel it but you can see it, taste it, and even smell it! And then life throws you a curveball. Chronically Fearless founder and blogger, Tasha McCormack's curveball came in the form of chronic illness.

In 2011, Tasha was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis (MS) , an autoimmune disease which affects the central nervous system and causes unpredictable and often debilitating symptoms. In Layman's terms, the immune system eats away at the nerves until signals weaken or no longer transfer from the nervous system to the rest of the body. As a 21-year old daughter, sister, student and leader, she viewed her diagnosis as the most terrifying and horrible thing that could have ever happened to her. At least back then she did. 

In 2015, four-years post-diagnosis and in spectacular health, Tasha realized that she was no longer worried or terrified. She realized that she was FEARLESS. Following a conversation with friends about goals and purpose, Tasha finally identified God's purpose for her, which was to share her fearlessness with others. She decided to knock the curveball that life gave her out of the park. She decided to be CHRONICALLY FEARLESS.

Tasha McCormack and the Chronically Fearless blog welcome all women who choose fearlessness in the face of chronic illness and/or adversity. Chronically Fearless aims to create a sisterhood of fearless women who share resources and experiences and offer support for one another. We hope to inspire everyone that joins the Chronically Fearless community to be STRONG, BEAUTIFUL and most of all, FEARLESS.