• Tasha

A Life-Changing Phone Call

Date: Friday, October 14, 2011

Time: About 4 PM

Emotional State: BLAH

Three Weeks of Crazy Symptoms + Two MRI Scans + One EEG + Several Blood Tests + One Spinal Tap + Pounds of Yogurt = ?

I had endured about three weeks of numbness, weakness and all-around craziness. I had also undergone exactly two weeks of testing. Now, all that I could do was sit and wait for an answer. I had only been back in my apartment for about an hour when my phone began to ring.

Read carefully as I share the details of the scariest and most life-changing phone call that I had ever received.

ME: Hello

DR. CARTER: "Hello, Am I speaking with Tasha?"

ME: "This is she. Hi, Dr. Carter"

DR. CARTER: *In a very urgent tone* "I received the results from the MRI scan that you completed today and the inflammation in your brain has gotten worse. I would like to get you started with steroid treatment immediately"

ME: "Wait, wait..Dr. Carter...i don't understand..."

DR. CARTER: "I've already submitted a prescription for you. I need you to schedule an appointment immediately for them to administer your 5-day treatment"

ME: "Wait...5-day treatment for what? What are you telling me? Do I have it?"

My doctor was calling me to tell me that I needed immediate treatment because the inflammation in my brain was getting worse. Her tone was extremely frantic as she told me about my MRI. I am still very thankful that I was laying down when I answered because I might have passed out. I didn't even know what I had yet and it had already gotten worse.

ME: "Dr. Carter?"

DR. CARTER: "I believe so my dear. I need to give you my official report. Can you and your parents come in this Tuesday?"


This is it. I'm going to end up in a wheelchair for sure, I thought. What did I do? Why was God punishing me?

DR. CARTER: "Tasha?"

ME: *Tears*

DR. CARTER: "I'm so sorry Tasha. I apologize for alarming you. I would just like for us to tackle this as soon as possible."

DR. CARTER: "Please try to get some rest sweety. I will have my nurse contact you about the Tuesday appointment. Okay?


DR. CARTER: Tasha?"

ME: Yes

And there it was. It was official. MS was my diagnosis. Now what? What do you do after being told something like that?

Find out in my next post



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