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Celebrating Life

Yesterday was my 27th birthday! Yay, I made it through another year of life! I worked hard, made great memories, took several leaps of faith, and most importantly, I'm alive and kicking!

Having lived with MS for nearly 6 years, I appreciate the fact that I can use the phrase "alive and kicking." Not "alive and sitting" or "alive and speechless," but "alive and kicking"!

That is something to celebrate! God not only woke me up everyday for another year but he also blessed me with good health. That is why I do my best to celebrate life, especially on my birthday.

I used to be the kind of person that didn't care much if I did nothing on my birthday. When MS made a surprise entrance into my life, my perspective definitely changed. I made it a point to celebrate each birthday to the fullest, starting with my 22nd! Not just to look cute or to party but to celebrate the fact that I AM ABLE TO CELEBRATE! I chose to never take that for granted again. Some of my friends will even tell you that I've turned into a bit of a "birthday-zilla." *Evil laugh* (LOL)

Basically, if God continues to wake you up each morning, CELEBRATE LIFE! Because as we all know, it is not guaranteed, especially a life with good health. Don't just be fearless, BE THANKFUL!

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