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Needles 'N' Things

Isn't it great when you have a busy and exciting week ahead of you? Just picture it.

Monday - Start an interesting, new project at work

Tuesday - Happy hour with your favorite coworkers

Wednesday - Concert with your best friends

Thursday - Date night with your boo

Friday - Host kids night at your church

Saturday - Family time with your niece and nephews

Sounds like a great week doesn't it? But, wait, we can't forget about Sunday.

Sunday is when you have to take your weekly intramuscular shot to keep your nervous system from going out of whack again. Oh! I'm sorry. I probably made that sound a bit too normal. This is not the week of your average social, hardworking, 20-something year old woman. This can, however, be the week of a young woman who is chronically fearless. Juggling the world and her illness one step at a time. This can become quite difficult when you add medication to the mix.

Medications for chronic illnesses are almost always a nuisance because you can never stop taking them. That's if you want to remain healthy. That's not the only catch. Crazy side effects like fatigue, body aches, hair loss, and nausea often come along with these medications. The whole week described above can easily be ruined. I don't know how others feel but THIS SUCKS!

I have had an interesting relationship with my medication. It started with an arranged marriage when we were forced to be together. Since then we've had several separations and were nearly on the brink of divorce a few years ago. I guess I thought that I could take FEARLESS to a new level by not taking my medication (LOL). WRONG CHOICE. It's all fun and games until you start to feel symptoms again. Extreme fatigue or slurred speech during a meeting at work will be the first indicator of how stupid it is to stop taking your medication.

I guess my point is, although many of us hate to do it, we have to do it. It might spoil that concert or make you sleepy at work but in my case, at least it's keeping me out of a wheelchair and away from a cane and a seeing eye dog. Hardcore meds are definitely a catch-22 but that's life for those of us who are chronically ill. At some point we all must understand that while meds make life harder at times, they're actually helping us. STAY SMART and STAY FEARLESS.

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