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God Bless Them 20 Somethings

đŸŽŒ "Stuck in them 20 somethings, stuck in them 20 somethings

Good luck on them 20 somethings, good luck on them 20 somethings

But God bless these 20 somethings (God bless, oh God bless, oh God bless, oh God bless, oh)

Hopin' my 20 somethings won't end

Hopin' to keep the rest of my friends

Prayin' the 20 somethings don't kill me, don't kill me" 

The lyrics above are singer and songwriter SZA's description of how uncertain and scary life can be during one's twenties. 

I have to agree that it can be very scary and it is definitely a time of uncertainty. During your twenties, you're expected to have fun and find yourself but at the same time, you're expected to set your entire life up for success. It's a lot of pressure! Especially since everyone is waiting to see what you'll have to show for this hard work at age 30. 

If you listen to the song enough, you'll notice that SZA hits the nail right on the head. Trying to live up to others' expectations for you is exhausting and there are those who nearly kill themselves trying. 

Although it is exhausting, many of us keep going until we get what we want/need.  I believe that that is what makes us remarkable. Sometimes we're trying so hard that we forget how great we're actually doing. We don't remember how amazing we really are. 

Striving for something regardless of how difficult or draining it may be is exactly what FEARLESSNESS is about especially when you throw a chronic illness into the mix. This post is titled "God Bless Them 20 Somethings" because we often forget that God has given us this great gift of determination. 

For the 20 Something who works 40 hours a week, but is also working on her pharmacy school applications in the evenings 

For the 20 Something who is struggling to find work in her field after graduation but hasn't lost her vision

For the 20 Something who is wondering where her "bae" is but hasn't lost sight of her standards because she knows that that is the key to finding the right bae

For the 20 Something who is working hard to build her credit to buy her first home

For the 20 Something who hasn't discovered her passion yet but knows she will be something great

God Bless the 20 Somethings

You're AMAZING! 




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