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Eat, Pray, Love - 3 Keys To Living Your Best Life

I am working on myself. Why? Because, I am not a perfect person and I feel that making certain changes will help me to live a better life. MY BEST LIFE TO BE EXACT. In doing this, I am trying my hardest to eat more, pray more and love more.

There is so much that we deprive ourselves of mentally, emotionally and physically because of this crazy environment that we call the world. I’m sure that those of you who are reading this are wonderful people but just think about how much greater you could be if you took more time to work on the basics.

1. EAT Stop! Don’t just think of “eat” in a literal sense. Obviously, we all know how to do that (lol). Think of eating as taking in the good in everything that comes your way. Whether you’re soaking up good vibes, learning a new lesson, acquiring new knowledge, or simply learning more about who you are, “eating” provides you with spiritual nourishment. IT ALSO ALLOWS TRUE GROWTH. Look at every situation/experience and determine its potential for spiritual gain. This will also help you to choose your battles in life. It’s so much easier to let go of trivial things when you realize what’s actually important. Don’t get me wrong. It’s a process and I’m sure that we all know how strong the urge for pettiness or anger can be. The best part about “eating” is that you get so consumed in your growth that you don’t even have time for others to stunt that growth with their drama. Eating is about literally “taking it easy” and only allowing positive energy to flow your way. If you’re a person like me, this can be very difficult because we always want to get our point across or show people that we shouldn’t be messed with. Here’s the thing about that. It only causes more stress. I’m trying my best to learn this and I encourage others to as well. 2. PRAY This time last year, I began to have heavy conversations with God. By “heavy,” I mean serious conversations. I learned to ask God about what I was doing right and what I was doing wrong. I asked God to point out all of the bad things or people in my life. I asked for guidance and direction and began to give thanks for my blessings regularly. I also cried to him when I was sad and praised him when I was happy. And what happened as a result? He started speaking to me. You’ll find yourself closer to God if you simply add him to your best friends list. As you get closer to HIM, you’ll find it easier to let Him guide you. Sometimes, he speaks through others and sometimes you’ll just experience a full blown epiphany. You’ll also feel happier, safer and of course, FEARLESS. Why? Because you are certain that he’s got your back. 3. LOVE Love is not just about showing others that you care for them but it’s also about self-care and allowing others to care for you. It may come as a surprise to some, but everyone doesn’t know how to do this. Many people are so broken and jaded by past experiences that they’re caught off guard when others genuinely care for them. In some cases, this causes them to push amazing people away. DON’T! Brokenness only attracts dysfunction and pain. You don’t need that. Heal and learn to love yourself more. Soon enough, others will too and you’ll accept that love with open arms. The greatest part about loving yourself and accepting love is that you don’t think about those who tried to break you as much. You may even forget about them completely. Like my girl SZA said, “This time next year, I’ll be livin’ so good won’t remember no pain, I swear.” She’s right.

I’m going to continue working on these three elements as best as I can so that I can become a better person inside and out. I encourage you all to recognize areas for development in your life and try to improve them. You’ll see how much happier it makes you. TRUST ME.

Bye bye for now my FEARLESS loves!


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