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Girlfriends! Amazing Friends To Be Thankful For

What’s life without a great group of girlfriends? Ummmmmmm nothing! I don’t know about you all but I adore my friends and I feel that each of them possess special qualities needed in every friendship.

Last weekend, my friends and I travelled to the Poconos to celebrate our second annual Friendsgiving. Friendsgiving is a term used to describe a pre-Thanksgiving gathering with friends. My friends and I have put our own spin on Friendsgiving by turning it into a mini-retreat. We don't just spend the weekend eating and turning up but we also discuss our goals, doubts, accomplishments and our bonds with each other. Most of all, we learn more about ourselves. In just two years of doing this, I've realized how much each one of my friends contributes to my personality, success and my sanity. Yes, friends have an impact on your sanity, whether it's good or bad. Basically, each personality is essential to my growth and happiness and I am thankful for that. Now let me tell you why.


This girl is going to give it to you straight. She is the furthest thing from a sugar coater and most times, you need her insight. Although her thoughts aren't always what you want to hear, she always has your best interests at heart. DO NOT get her confused with a negative Nancy. She isn't one of those. For every truthful statement, she always follows up with useful advice or a solution. This friend is frank but she is also very helpful. Her truthfulness makes you better.


If you ever find yourself stranded on the side of the road with 1% left on your phone's battery, you'll call this friend. She is the one who is always there regardless of the circumstance and will give you the shirt off of her back or the last cent in her wallet. She doesn't think twice when it comes to helping others and does not expect anything in return. Her kindness makes you better.


This girlfriend is your 24-hour, pro-bono therapist. She is a great listener and her words of advice can get you through any tough situation. For every situation, she provides different perspectives and talks you through each scenario. She also gives you new ideas and helps you discovers new opportunities. This friend helps you understand your feelings and work towards a solution. Her wisdom makes you better.


There is no subject that cannot be discussed with this girlfriend because she will never harbor any critical feelings. She accepts you as you are without judgment because she genuinely cares for you. It is easy for others to be open with her and she can always be trusted with your secrets. Her acceptance of your strengths and your flaws makes you better.


This girlfriend is always there to make sure that you don't stop your grind. She literally keeps you on your toes by reminding you of your goals and keeping you on the right path. She wants you to be successful and doesn't hesitate to remind you. Whether she makes sure that you aren't late to work or she remembers your school deadlines before you do, SHE WANTS YOU TO WIN! She constantly encourages you to be great. Her persistence makes you better.


This girlfriend can always put a smile on your face with her sense of humor. On your worst day, she'll find a way to turn your tears into laughter or your anger into giggles. Her humor always comes in at just the right time to ease a tense situation and she's always available for a good hug or a long cry. Her warmth and comedy make you better.


This girl sets the tone of your group with her pleasant and mature energy. Others are drawn to her because her good vibes are contagious and she has a positive spirit. Sometimes you may not realize it, but her presence is almost therapeutic. She makes you happy and relaxed without even trying. Her calm and soothing nature makes you better.


This girlfriend is possibly your greatest resource. She is either a reflection of what you once were or a reflection of what you aspire to be. Youhelp each other to grow in so many ways. If she reminds you of someone that you were, you use that to help her discover her capabilities and battle her weaknesses. If she reminds you of your goals, then you seek her advice and learn from her experiences. She gives you a sense of direction and helps you track your spiritual progression. Whether you are helping her become better or she is helping you, you see yourself in her. You both make each other better.

In a group of friends, these 8 personalities have no boundaries. You may find multiple traits in the same person. The importance is the presence of these personalities. I believe that I need each one of them to live in this crazy world, especially while battling a chronic condition. In honor of Friendsgiving and Thanksgiving, I'd like to dedicate this post to the beautiful ladies pictured above. I'm thankful for each and every one of you. TELL YOUR FRIENDS HOW MUCH YOU LOVE THEM TODAY!



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